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In 2004, The Mid-Majority was born as one of the first-ever "sports blogs". Its first mission was to attend 100 mid-major college basketball games during the 2004-05 NCAA season and write about every single one. This mission was successfully completed.

The 100 Games Project touched off a low-sum bidding war for the site's writing and branding. For the next four years, The Mid-Majority's founder covered college basketball for, as one of the first-ever "sports bloggers" to write for a high-major sports media website. Despite nearly breaking Bill Simmons' SportsNation marathon chat record several times, this era ended badly. He was fired, on the day of Barack Obama's inauguration, for publishing an essay that criticized ESPN's decision to slash minor sports coverage to cover a balloon rights payment to televise Monday Night Football.

The Mid-Majority and its loyal, dedicated staff—the human founder, a talking basketball mascot and a Robot—gained a cult audience of thousands. The Mid-Majority was well-beloved for its hard-traveling college basketball coverage, Casual Analytics™, in-depth interviews, temporary employment, a dense thicket of in-jokes, internet comic strips, Hobbesian philosophy, transreality gaming, and an army of writers.

In 2014, at the conclusion of its tenth season, or "Season X", The Mid-Majority was deleted off the internet. Some people were sad. Some people were—and continue to be—red, mad and nude online about it. In 2019, the archives were carefully remixed, remastered and cloudified. In 2020, TMM triumphantly returned in a new acronym Pokevolution.

The letters "TMM" stand for an expanded focus to discuss basketball beyond the outdated concept of NCAA Division I "mid-majors", and underscore what the whole point of this has been all along: surviving and succeeding, comfortably and independently, on one's own terms. But in order to move forward into the future, it's time to revisit the days when it all started. 2004.

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Kyle Whelliston has operated TMM since 2004 through all its various annual manifestations. He is a former senior writer at, covered mid-major basketball for Basketball Times for three years, blogged at Basketball Prospectus for two seasons, and is the author of five books. Kyle also co-authored "Sole Purpose" with Samaritan's Feet founder Manny Ohonme, and "I Don't Mind Hitting Bottom, I Just Hate Dragging" with basketball coach Tony Ingle. He's trilingual and doesn't like animals.

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