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My School: SIU Edwardsville

Driving Eastward on interstate 255 from St. Louis there's large billboard with the simple phrase "Cougars rising," and each time I see it I inevitably crack a smile, because the Cougars are my work, education and my life. I'm rising too. A short 20 minute drive from that billboard lies our den; a q...

SIU Edwardsville at Illinois 11/14/2011

Heading into SIUE's game Monday at the University of Illinois I will admit I did not have much hope for the Cougars. SIUE was sloppy in its two exhibition games, but still won each comfortably by 14 points. Illinois was a bit different from MacMurray and Blackburn. After all, this was the "House of Paign" or...

SIU Edwardsville at Illinois State 11/17/2011

I left Champaign Monday feeling pretty good about myself, about my team and life in general. I didn't really feel that way Thursday. It was a busy day for me. First, I intern at a public relations firm in downtown St. Louis and was there until about 3 p.m. Luckily, they let me out early so I could drive to Normal...

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One Beautiful Season

1BS weaved the history of mid-major college basketball together with stories from the 2009-10 season, culminating in Butler's epic run to the National Championship game. Now it's available as a free download: PDF in the original 592-page book layout with all photos and graphics, or ePub format for electronic reading devices.