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Sighs Of Relief

Given the Utah State football team's history of mediocrity, normally when November rolls around Aggie fans have long forgotten the grid-iron and with good reason focused their sports obsession on the basketball court. Saturday's sporting events had a considerably different feel. With the possibility of the first...

Spectrum: Fortress Pregnable

Disclaimer:'An explanation of unusual events in The Spectrum (although also unusual, this'wasn't about the basketball played on the court) has been asked for by many'800GP readers, so I'll do my best to describe what went down. Built in'1970 and paid for by students, The Dee Glen Smith Spectrum has always been...

Utah Valley at Utah State 12/6/2011

Cracked and crooked but not broken. During the Utah State athletic department's campaign to make a significant raise to student fees a couple years ago, I kept hearing the phrase, "Athletics are the front porch to the university," over and over again. Basically, this catchphrase indicates that significant national...

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David & Goliath: A Love Story

A new underdog book about disadvantage, survival, justice and probabilities by Kyle Whelliston, coming late 2019 Q2.