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You're Scared to Make This a Conference Game

I am going to try my best to follow Rule 7 of the 800 Game Project, but when Temple beats Villanova by 11, it's hard not walk out of the arena with a big grin on your face.This game was not ...

Direct Your Mind to the Subway

Even as I write this, I want to re-watch the game again and figure out exactly how Duke lost. Temple is still missing two injured starters; importantly in this match-up, the Owls played without Michael Eric, a 6-foot-11, 240-pound senior. That hole at center resulted in 50 points in the paint for Buffalo two games...

Somewhere Between Jersey and Delaware

Before the game, Dad and I went over to Dalessandro's in Roxborough for steaks. (That'd be cheesesteaks. Yes, with Cheese Whiz. Those of you elsewhere in the country, particularly the Northwest, please don't judge us.) With no room at the inn, we wolfed them down in the car and then drove down Henry Avenue to...

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One Beautiful Season

1BS weaved the history of mid-major college basketball together with stories from the 2009-10 season, culminating in Butler's epic run to the National Championship game. Now it's available as a free download: PDF in the original 592-page book layout with all photos and graphics, or ePub format for electronic reading devices.