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St. John's 74 William and Mary 59

Growing up in Mid-Majordom, the first games of the year for my team were always my favorites. The pure curiosity of wondering what my team would look like after the eight-month off-s...

The Right Way?

The last time I saw Binghamton basketball in action live, it was a seemingly short two and a half years ago, I was storming on our home court, celebrating a 61-51 victory over UMBC: an America East Conference Championship and a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament. Jump ahead to last Friday Night, and I hardly...

Towson Covered

As I was looking at Friday's matchups for the first round of the CAA Tournament, Towson v. Delaware looked least compelling on paper. Mainly because Towson had not looked much like a D-I team this season, but also, the first day of the CAA Tournament has not drawn particularly well, especially when two former...

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One Beautiful Season

1BS weaved the history of mid-major college basketball together with stories from the 2009-10 season, culminating in Butler's epic run to the National Championship game. Now it's available as a free download: PDF in the original 592-page book layout with all photos and graphics, or ePub format for electronic reading devices.