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Crawl Before You Walk, Walk Before You Run

Regardless of what the final score might turn out to be, a minor milestone was sure to be achieved in the King Rice Era at Monmouth University Saturday night: Rice's Hawks would finally host their first home game of the 2011-12 campaign. The sight of the Multipurpose Activity Center had to be welcome for a Monmouth...

Hope and the Highlanders

If nothing else, my memories of Senior Day 2012 at NJIT should be a lot more positive than the ones I have from the last Highlanders senior day I attended. That senior day was in 2008, the year that the Highlanders went on to post the worst record in the history of Division I basketball. I had kept an eye on...

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One Beautiful Season

1BS weaved the history of mid-major college basketball together with stories from the 2009-10 season, culminating in Butler's epic run to the National Championship game. Now it's available as a free download: PDF in the original 592-page book layout with all photos and graphics, or ePub format for electronic reading devices.