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Northern Iowa at Old Dominion 11/12/2011

As I raced down Interstate 64 east from Williamsburg after enjoying Old Dominion's last regular season game of that other sport that we don't talk about, I crossed what will most likely become an unfortunate new "friend" of mine as this basketball season progresses. The wonderful Hampton Roads Bridge and Tunnel...

East Carolina at Old Dominion 11/29/2011

Old Dominion and East Carolina took'the court this past Tuesday for the fiftieth time; second most among ODU's current'non-conference opponents. (Richmond is first with the 52nd meeting'happening later this year.) However, no one really seemed to care about that semi-historical'mark. East'Carolina was a charter...

Checking Out the Other Side of Town

For the past two-and-a-half seasons, with the exception of NCAA tournament games, the only place where I have attended basketball games was Old Dominion's Ted Constant Convocation Center. While the Ted is a fine place to see a game, it lacks the charm and history of some of the smaller, older venues of our game....

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David & Goliath: A Love Story

A new underdog book about disadvantage, survival, justice and probabilities by Kyle Whelliston, coming late 2019 Q2.