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The (Real) Battle for I-95

About six weeks ago, I watched some real, live basketball in the Palestra for the first time since that school in New Jersey knocked off the Quakers to force a rare Ivy playoff with Harvard. However it wasn't Penn, or even college kids that took the floor that night, it was the big boys of the NBA putting...

Philadelphia, PA vs Villanova, PA

Philadelphia is a basketball city. Yes, I know there's the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES and the Flyers. Then there's the Phillies and the Union and finally the 76ers. The other sports may dominate the headlines and the sports bars, but basketball is where it's at. We are full of great basketball programs; Drexel, La Salle,...

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David & Goliath: A Love Story

A new underdog book about disadvantage, survival, justice and probabilities by Kyle Whelliston, coming late 2019 Q2.