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A Song for Every One of Us

I live nine miles from Philadelphia, in South Jersey, but I don't go there much anymore. For eighteen years, my parents and I crossed the bridge weekly as we attended a large Presbyterian church in Center City. Our preferred route was across the Walt Whitman bridge, past the stadiums in South Philly before turning...

Life in the Shadowlands

Rider was the one school I absolutely wanted to visit for the 800 Games Project. They're relatively close to me (a fifty-minute ride in light traffic, on my side of the Delaware River) and I've been on Rider repeatedly during the last decade through my involvement with American Legion Jersey Boys State. Rider...

The Parting Glass

Everything comes and goes Marked by lovers and styles of clothes Things that you once held high And told yourself were true Lost or changing as the days come down to you. -Joni MitchellI've thought a lot about Bucknell after Lehigh knocked off Duke last Friday, becoming the second Patriot League team to win a...

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One Beautiful Season

1BS weaved the history of mid-major college basketball together with stories from the 2009-10 season, culminating in Butler's epic run to the National Championship game. Now it's available as a free download: PDF in the original 592-page book layout with all photos and graphics, or ePub format for electronic reading devices.